Voice actor casting call.

2013-05-03 01:24:42 by LAVAGASM

I need a good Clint Eastwood impersonator, 3 distinct Hispanic adult male voices and an elderly hispanic male voice. The Clint Eastwood impersonator must be available for future work as if I make more than one cartoon I do not want to change the main character. All are relatively small parts and will not take up a lot of your time. Please PM or post here with links to previous work, or a voice sample. You must have a quality microphone with no static, pop, or background interference.

Parts still needed: (will delete when the part is filled)

Clint Eastwood
Adult Hispanic Male 1
Adult Hispanic Male 2
Adult Hispanic Male 3
Elderly Hispanic male


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2013-05-03 02:47:06

Did you need auditions or just the first people to get a hold of you. Either way, I could do an Antonio Banderas type hispanic voice and maybe 1 or 2 others as well as a Clint Eastwood. Let me know!

LAVAGASM responds:

I don't really need an audition or anything, as long as the voices aren't terrible and the sound quality is good. Send me a PM.


2013-05-04 13:53:50

Any kinda deadline?

LAVAGASM responds:

I am submitting the cartoon on May 26th. So I would need the voices asap.