Entry #24

Daily first!

2013-05-28 17:01:30 by LAVAGASM

Thanks so much for whoever voted on my animation. Honestly, I don't think it deserves a daily first. Maybe a 4th or 5th. Unfortunately my animation went under the radar until the last 2 hours or so and animations and games that deserved the award over mine, that already way more votes and views, were left with lesser awards.

PLEASE go check out Infiltrate the Airship and if you like the game, like I do, go give it vote and a review.



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2013-05-28 18:08:29


Weren't you making a castle crashers movie once? Like a new one? I think I voice acted for it... I don't remember. Seems familiar. Good job on the lock day movie!

LAVAGASM responds:

I was planning to make several at one point, I am just extremely lazy. If I do make another one I will keep you in mind though!